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So last night I was on Facebook and my friend Lisa just happened to message me to wish me a belated Merry Christmas. The conversation then took an interesting turn when out of the blue Lisa asked if I would be interested in sharing an apartment with her. I was a little taken back as this was something I never expected to be asked, however I immediately accepted the invitation.

Lisa was my closest friend during my time at Homewood last year. From the moment we met we just clicked. The two of us have very similar personalities and sense of humours. We also share the same taste in movies, music and authors. Lisa (if I recall correctly), is in her mid to late 30's, so she is roughly 12-16 years older than me.

The two of us think that this would help us both emotionally as we both lack the companionship in our lives living on our own. So now I have to see exactly how quickly I can begin the transition from my current living situation in Oshawa to her apartment in Mississauga.

She mentioned tonight that after she told her mother she had similar opinions as my mom, which certainly did not come as a surprise. My grandmother was in the beginning in the same mindset as my mom, but then she changed to a neutral state, which I can only assume might have been because she thought I might have been getting agitated (I wasn't). My grandfather told me that it is my decision and I will make the right decision for myself. He doesn't care about the fact that Lisa is a female, whereas my grandmother seems to still be living in the 1950's where men were friends with men and women with women.

This is the most exciting news I have had in quite some time.

In other news my sister called me on her cell phone last night as she was having dinner at her significant others mother's house. My god his mom's side of the family are loud! I could barely hear my sister on the phone and she said she already had a headache from all the noise.

I think I am going to end this prematurely and just relax and listen to some music. I know I am going to have to have the dreadful thoughts of packing pop into my head sooner rather than later...too late I think, lol.


P.S. Happy New Year to anyone who reads this in case I forget to wish it...


congrats, that sounds like it would be good for you

November 2016

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