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You want the truth...you can't handle the truth!

Today I got my first taste of Dr. Patrick Yau's supposedly negative bedside manner. Yesterday afternoon I taped my story with Laura DiBattista of CityTV News. This afternoon my mom called me to let me know that Laura contacted her looking for some photos of me as a child and teenager. Laura also mentioned that she had called Dr. Patrick Yau to speak to him regarding my story and to my surprise he blatantly lied.

According to Dr. Yau he said he never told me I was a candidate for the lap-band procedure and that he specifically told me I would have to get a gastric bypass. Everything that came out of his mouth was bullshit because none of what he told Laura was ever stated during my consultation with him. My friend Jennie who was there for a consultation as well was sitting right next to me when he told us both that he saw no problems in performing the surgery on either of us aside from the fact that I would have to have it done in the hospital as opposed to his clinic.

This is very disappointing but also very frustrating because it leaves me without many options once again. When he told me the surgery could be done it felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. My only problem was trying to find the funding to cover the cost of the surgery.

You think that Dr. Yau and his Slimband (formerly the Toronto Lap Band Clinc), clinic would appreciate the positive media attention that his clinic would receive from my story. I sent his clinic an email and will wait to see if I hear back from them on Monday prior to the airing of my story during the 6pm news. If I don't get a response on Monday then I guess I have no choice but to seek out options to bring a bit of negative press to Dr. Yau because I only ever said good things about him and defended his against people who told me to steer clear of him.

Anyway I am going to go watch a movie to try and get my mind off of this.




Hi. I have recently booked my own lapband surgery for Feb 16th. Can you give me any advice.
I started my own blog.

Hi Robyne,

I looked on your blog for some sort of email address as a means to message you, but couldn't find anything.

At any rate clearly my post from just over two years ago gave a bit of a negative light on my experience with Dr. Yau and the Slimband clinic.

I won't go into any further details on that as I believe I stated everything, but I'd definitely recommend a different lap-band clinic to people who are looking to pursue that procedure.

The lap-band is not for everyone. The biggest problem is not adhering to the new eating habits provided by the clinic program. After a while people find ways to work around their new "tool" and that can defeat the purpose.

While lap-band surgery is much less invasive, it can also be problematic. Some people have physical problems with the band either slipping, healing problems, etc. Another problem is some people have difficulty in finding the right amount of fill. Vomiting or heaving can also cause problems as well.

Now that is certainly not meant to scare you and I'm sure it's all be explained by the staff at Slimband.

The best advice is to stick to the plan present too you and not to deviate too much. I would never tell someone to deprive themselves. Even I will have something I crave, but I stick to moderation and I don't make a habit of it.

I unfortunately did not end up with the lap-band. I instead had a VSG (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy) performed in October 2009 at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH. Since then I've dropped 250lbs from my heaviest.

Presently I've spent the past 18 months pursuing a revision (or rather the second stage) to a DS (Duodenal Switch). Right now I'm trying to jump through the hoops and get the pre-op testing completed. Even with my significant weight loss I am still 500lbs and finding a place in Ontario that can accommodate me is still a challenge. That is the difficulties someone who gets to an extreme weight faces.

Eight years ago when I was around 450-500lbs (really not sure how much I weight), lap-band clinics in Toronto told me to lose 100lbs and then perhaps they could do the procedure.

Dr. Colbourne was the first lap-band surgeon I saw eight years ago, and then I saw Dr. Yau late 2008.

The clinic I recommend is CIBO. I know the owner/founder, and the staff there are extremely supportive, and most of them have had the procedure. I'm not affiliated with them in anyway. Tom Saridis (the owner/founder) saw a news segment I had done in January 2009 and two weeks later we filmed a follow-up where I met him for the first time and he helped get me too and from Cleveland, OH for my surgery. His clinic also offered me post-operative care pro bono.

The lap-band can be effective, but I know it is a much more difficult tool to ultilize, and the weight loss is slower. It also have the lowest excess weight loss percentage, and conversely it has the highest weight regain. Again not trying to startle you, but it is something to be aware of.

I think this is one reason OHIP continues to not fund that particular procedure.

Please feel free to email me if you like: j...e...ffy1192004@g...ma..il.com (remove all the extra periods, as they were to try and fool the spam bots that troll the internet looking for email addresses).

Best regards,

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