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"Mommy, don't"...

I was checking my email and came about this article:


I simply cannot comprehend the thoughts of people anymore. How can a mother kill her child? It just completely baffles me and agitates me. Now when they first mentioned that the boyfriend had given her the ultimatum or her daughter or him I was outraged, however after reading the entire article my opinions changed. I don't put so much blame on him given the fact that he clearly never told her to kill the 12 year old girl.

It seems like everyday there is some story of a parent killing their child(ren). A couple days ago there was the story about the father killing his family and then committing suicide because he recently lost his job. Can the economy really be so bad that people are going to commit murder/suicide to solve the problem?!

It just really saddens me when I see the innocent falling prey to the people who are supposed to be protecting them. The world we live in now is a fucked up place. Makes me wonder if Minority Report is the right way to go about things. If you can prevent the crime from happening would that not be the best solution?

What the judge said to the woman, how "Mommy don't" will be a haunting reminder was the icing on the cake. I honestly would not be sad to hear of the woman hanging herself in her cell. I don't believe in capital punishment, however I will not cry for her if she cracks and takes her own life. I honestly hope that she spends the rest of her life in prison.

She is fortunate enough to have gotten the plea bargain for the lesser charge of second degree murder.

It just makes me so frustrated.


November 2016

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