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Pessimistic Optimist?

I have been meaning to post for ages, but procrastination seems to constantly be winning the battle.

Tuesday I have to travel into Hamilton for the assessment that OHIP is making me have with an Ontario surgeon prior to any official approval or denial is made on my application for Out of Country surgery. I am not very optimistic given a few recent events:

1. Duodenal Switch surgery approvals have been suspended pending a review board decision, which appears to be made up of anti-DS "experts", that I believe will more likely rule in favour of eliminating approval all together (which is what OHIP wants).

2. Dr. Anvari, while apparently is linked to possibly doing the DS surgery in Ontario within the next couple of years, seems to be a very tough doctor with a poor bedside manner.

Bev Lyman, a manager at OHIP for the particular department that deals with the OOC applications has stated that I am considered a "special case" and that this suspension of the DS may not necessarily apply to me, I am still not at all optimistic. I think if anything the surgeon I see on Tuesday will find some excuse as to why I should not have the DS.

I personally do not believe in the RNY (Roux-en-Y gastric bypass), or the VSG (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy), as suitable surgeries to get me to a normal body weight. Look at the Texas teen who was labelled the "heaviest teenager in the world"...he had the VSG and got down to 500lbs, but he seems to have plateaued and will probably need another surgery to begin to lose some more weight. I want to have one surgery, not two or three.

This new ruling on the DS is only being made as the government is deciding to tighten the purse strings. Prior to the downturn in the economy they were handing out approvals left and right to people well below the 55+ BMI they are calling for now to qualify for the DS. They were sending people down to Florida, California and even India. Now they say the only surgeons you can see are ones in bordering states of Ontario and who are on a list of PPA's (Preferred Patient Agreements). This is how they were able to cut down costs.

Yes some of the reason why I am a 720lbs individual is through poor judgement, however it cannot be denied that genetics and a childhood filled with anxiety and depression only exacerbated the problem. Two years ago I was at a point in life where I just didn't care anymore and decided I was just going to eat myself to death. My mindset has changed obviously, but it is hard sometimes to not wish for this to happen given the constant struggles I have to deal with on a daily basis.

Tuesday I should also find out if my grandfather will finally come around and help me out with the remaining $2,000 I need for a bariatric bed. Thanks to Ron, a senior who works on behalf of 25 local rotary clubs in my area has managed to get ODSP to double their contribution from $1,000 to $2,000. He also said he would get $2,000 from the rotary clubs (which was asking a lot), but this all seems to depend now on my well-to-do grandfather. He is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce as he soon to be ex-wife is not stating their they pre-nuptials were not properly done and she wants more than she is entitled too.

Again it is hard to be optimistic about this, because I know how my grandfather is when it comes to money that is not being used on him. I am not being ungrateful, but as I have said countless times this would make a big difference in my daily life.

So basically Tuesday could either be a pretty good day, mediocre or shitty.

I'll try and post tomorrow about things not pertaining to this surgical stuff tomorrow. For now I am going to get back to tinkering with my media on my hard drives to clear up some space and organize things again.



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November 2016

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