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How time flies...

It is crazy to fathom that it has been nearly four years since my last post.

Tonight aggravation is the reason that has compelled me to login and post. My buddy in California is once again pulling his usual silent treatment bullshit. For the past couple of years I have tried to get him to build a site that would have given us both financial stability and allow both of us to move out of our respective mother's homes. However, he has chosen not to live up to his end of the deal after getting over $1,000 out of me and my doing whatever I could to help him out or keep him happy and at times going without personally for his benefit.

It is hard not to feel as though I was just a personal ATM for him.

Sadly a site that came around a year after I had come up with the same idea is flourishing and just raking in the money. The plan was to having the hosting site launch and within a year use some of the revenue to then build the sister site, the live streaming site. The biggest site in that category brings in a gross yearly income north of $60M annually! This is one facet of the industry that is continually growing due to the internet when other traditional sites are scrambling to stay relevant and profitable.

There is so much more that has gone on over the past four years, but for now I think I'll leave it short and sweet with the above couple of paragraphs.


November 2016

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