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The move I regret...

Near the beginning of October I moved into a house in Bradford with my half-sister and her boyfriend (as well as their two large dogs). Prior to this via Facebook messages and voice conversations it seemed that we were all getting along amicably, however clearly the wool was just being pulled over my eyes for what was to come...

Originally I was told that I could bring the cat that I more or less inherited/adopted from my biological sister as she decided during her second pregnancy that she didn't want pets around. After I had come in to sign the lease I was told that I couldn't bring my cat due to their dogs and the fact that Joe (her boyfriend) is now apparently allergic to cats. I didn't argue this, but now I was signed to the lease so they could easily revoke anything they desired.

The agreement was that all costs would be split by a third. Rent was $1,800 plus utilities. I snagged a great deal for cable/internet from Rogers (on a 2 year contract) where we'd receive 1Gbps internet and more or less what used to be the old VIP television package. Including the extra boxes it was going to be $162/month all in. After the first hydro and gas bill (plus hot water heater rental) came in my share for each was $13.96 for hydro and $30.33 for the gas/heater. Their share of the Rogers bill was $108 meaning they owed me just shy of $64. Well this is when the second round of squabbling from my half-sister started. She decided that they didn't really want the higher end internet and that they just wanted TV and so they shouldn't have to pay as much for the internet. Well I rarely watched the TV and that was the more expensive portion of the bill. So she complained she would not see any money from me for the two bills she paid that were in her name, which she was not surprised by. Sorry, but if your portion for the bill I paid was MORE than the portion I would be responsible for the smaller bills than subtracting that from what is owed to me is the logical way to go. Clearly she doesn't understand how basic math (or really anything) works.

The original issue that came up was over the first/last month rent. In order to secure the house Joe's mother front the $3,600. This meant that there was going to be $1,200 each owed. No formal agreement was ever made like I had requested so that there would be a paper trail that I could provide to ODSP as proof of my rental agreement. I was then greeted to some colourful messages on Facebook and being spoken to as though I were a child. Sorry, but I have nearly 12 years on her, and I do not appreciate being spoken to in a condescending matter or her passive aggressive stance to everything she takes issue with. After an hour of having to see her drone on and on via Facebook messaging as I told her I would not speak with her face to face due to her constantly raising her voice or bending the truth later when re-telling it to others I simply asked her to leave me alone. She then started harping about how she and Joe (really just him as she has no income) spent all this money on decorations for the house. Sorry, but did I ask them to buy overpriced wall art or candles or anything? No, I didn't. After she went on about that I just got tired of it and said "Take me to small claims court then if you feel inclined." and that is when she twisted my words to fit her preconceptions, assumptions and agenda by saying I had just said that I would not pay my portion of the first/last months rent to Joe's mother just like she knew "I never would".

As aforementioned no agreement was ever made drafted and signed as I had repeatedly requested. I had every intent of carrying out my obligations and had stated a proposal on how and when I could do so given my limited income, but after the shit she said I had lost any interest in the matter. This was then followed up by her telling her one-sided version of the matter to her mother and our father. He said he did not want to get involved other than "you need to pay them what is owed". So he claims not wanting to get involved or take sides, but that statement negated that completely. I was not surprised. He then brought up the new cell phone he gave me that I was still deciding on whether I was going to use and be part of his shared plan. I said he could have it back, but that I wanted my XBOX 360 Elite that I loaned to my younger half-brother a few years ago when they asked me and repeatedly asked for back and was always ignored. Joe had said he believed they traded it in when they went to EB Games to get an XBOX One for my half-brother. Well that ended up setting him off and he sent a long text full of F-bombs, threats and him calling me a "fucking slimy piece of shit". He said he was on the way and he would get the police to remove me from the house. At first I was honestly nervous, but then I realized he couldn't do much. I had paid my rent if anything I could have the police remove him from the property on the grounds of harassment if I felt inclined.

He showed up, did his huffing and puffing outside my bedroom door. Did a countdown from 30 and then went outside and called the police. They showed up, I could see him animatedly explaining things to them. The officers came in, knocked on my door and I opened it and had a polite conversation with them. My friend Brandon said I should have said I do not have any such phone in my possession as he has no proof, besides his so called witnesses, but I just sided with the officer who said I should just give him what he wants to stop him from being even more of a dick. The officer did state he could do nothing regarding the matter between my half-sister and I, which I already knew. As rent was paid to the landlord there is no grounds for an eviction process to be started. Tenant to tenant eviction has no rules in Ontario, and with no agreement there is no proof of any wrongdoing or for that matter obligation.

I am not a vindictive person, but after this incident Brandon said if I had any dirt on them to let the bombs drop when I move out. With my half-sister and her boyfriend it is photos of their box of drugs and bongs sitting in the garage where they smoke up. I'm sure the landlord would not be pleased with that. I also have proof that my half-sister is trafficking narcotics for her grandmother at $4/pill and they are splitting the money 50/50.

My dad and step-mom are sureties for my half-brother who has been charged with a couple offenses and is on house arrest. Last week his parents dropped him off here to stay over night and spend time with my half-sister and Joe. Well one of the conditions of his bond is he is not to be unattended by a court appointed surety, which is what was done. He also showed up with cigarettes and alcohol, meaning it had to be purchased for him by his parents as he is not of legal age to obtain them (he is 18, you need to be 19 for both). So spilling the beans on that would mean my father would have to pay out the bail bond and it would cause even more legal issues.

Now I may not use the second one, but that doesn't stop me from letting him know that if he doesn't leave me alone and he continues to threaten or harass me that I will use that against him.

For the past two weeks I end up spending most of the day in my room given that my half-sister makes it unpleasant. Last Sunday they came home two minutes before I was heading down to grab my pizza from the oven and I heard he bitch "Great, now we can't make any food!" and she slammed the oven door shut. Couple days before I came down to find my dinner was only half cooked as Joe decided to take my food out of the oven to make his own. Trying to do laundry I end up having to take their stuff out of the machines and then I get scolded for touching their stuff.

Really at the end of the day this entire side of my family can all go fuck themselves.

I may have a lead on a place back out by my mom and grandfather. While I'd prefer Oshawa, this basement apartment is in Bowmanville. My mom will be going to take a look at it in lieu of me tomorrow afternoon. We'll see what happens with that.

At any rate it sucks that this is just another blog of complaints or turmoil, but sadly that is mostly what seems to happen to me.


November 2016

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