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Dec. 2nd, 2008

It's A Wonderful Life?!

Looks like there is a possibility that I will be having surgery shortly after my 24th birthday (early to mid-February). The only problem is figuring out how to go about asking my grandfather for $16,500 to cover the cost of the procedure. However my grandfather and dad are still in Florida and I am not sure when exactly they are coming back. I am already dreading the whole situation as I don't particularly like asking for money, but the money would be used to drastically alter my current way of life.

My sleep pattern is still completely out of whack! I am up all night and then sleeping until the early evening and I just cannot seem to break the cycle. It is taking a toll on me both mentally and physically. I feel like crap, but that also could be due to any number of things besides the sleep situation.

This year I am dreading Christmas. I really would just prefer to stay home as it would mean I would be much more comfortable, however after how my mom reacted last year when I initially said I was not coming I know I will probably get the same treatment this year. She has to understand that because of my current condition I just cannot tolerate sleeping on a tiny couch down in her basement. Plus her place is so much warmer compared to the cooler temperature I keep my apartment. If my pregnant sister is not forced to come home then I will make a stand and demand that I don't have to go either. Christmas, and I suppose everything else for that matter has lost its luster for me. I just see holidays as any other ordinary day.

I noticed today that my friend Adam had me as a friend on LJ and I have no idea how he managed to find me on here. I realize he probably just took a guess that I used my 10 year old online alias I used back in the day, but I never really wanted him to see my journal...not that there is anything to hide. I was actually surprised to see he has made a few posts in his journal that he appears to have made only a few months ago.

My uncle's wife Jessica apparently just won't leave my sister alone with her email responses in which she is trying to make my sister feel guilty. As I believe I mentioned in a previous entry my sister is now nearing the 8th month of her pregnancy and thus she had a baby shower my mom hosted for her a week ago. Jessica was not invited and so she has made my sister feel quite guilty and added unneeded stress. My mom was the host so she was the one who invited my sister's friends and relatives. My mom said she didn't know Jessica and thus did not invite her. Now when my sister and I were invited to the engagement brunch for our uncle and Jessica our mom had to sit outside in her car for 3-4 hours even though they could have invited her. I also reminded my sister that Jessica never invited her to her baby shower...so basically I feel Jessica can shut her trap. I am tempted to write her a email basically stating this, however the last thing I needed is drama from her and subsequently my uncle...whom I have spoken to in a few months. I just think she is being hypocritical bitching about not getting invited when she did the same thing herself.

I have noticed that the majority of people who smoke out front of my apartment are ridiculous chain smokers. I watched one lady smoke 5 cigarettes one right after the other! Now when I have my window open to let in some fresh air all I can smell in the bloody smoke! The provincial governments smoking laws are a joke as they can't really enforce them. I am tempted to try and find out if there is someone I can talk to have something done about this. If the smokers want to smoke then left them go smoke at the back of the building by the laundry room windows or have them be 10-20 metres from the building, in the parking lot area. I should not have to have my apartment smell like smoke.

After reading over this post it seems like all I had to write about was rants. I guess it is difficult to find something interesting to write about when you haven't done anything.


Nov. 17th, 2008


So my buddy Adam went and stood out front of Future Shop for a couple hours and was fortunate enough to get himself and me a copy of the Collector's Edition of Wrath of the Lich King. I have been playing a bit, although only because in the evenings I don't have the patience to wait 1-2 hours in a queue to get onto my main server. With so many people coming back to play again the servers are way too crowded, especially the original/older ones like I play on.

My sister called me Saturday night sort of out of the blue. She had called earlier to get a recipe for chocolate chip banana bread seeing as my mom was out taking my grandma shopping. I guess her significant other had gone to a friend's house to watch the UFC fight and she did not feel up to it. Being roughly 8 months pregnant I can see why, although she also said she was pissed off with Sean's (her sig. other), brother about something that happened the night before.

My mom picked out a Whinnie the Pooh bath tub that can be used for newborns and then even it converts into a tub chair for toddlers with the money I gave her. I felt that even though I am a male I could still get something for her baby shower, which is next Sunday.

I had a weird dream last night that involved my uncle and aunt. For some reason I went to stay at their place and they seemed to be very condescending. I am not sure how that is weird seeing as my uncle has not been very warm towards me over the past year. I have spoken to him once every few months and only by email.

Perhaps this is my subconscious' way of reminding me that I wish I had a better relationship with various family members. I feel very out of place in my family. I feel like I am on the outside looking in for the most part. Given the fact that is so difficult for me to go visit people that might just be exacerbating the problem.

Someone I talk with now and then has gotten me thinking about bariatric surgery again. Problem is that even if I were to agree to the much more preferred gastric bypass (something I would not like to have to endure), finding a surgeon up here in Canada is pretty much impossible. The reason why it would be impossible is due to the fact that I am such a big guy there are very few qualified surgeons willing to perform a procedure on an individual like myself.

My occupational therapist told me ODSP would only agree to cover $1,000 of the quoted $6,000 price tag of bariatric bed (similar to a hospital bed). I am very hesitant to try and see if my grandfather would agree to pay it. Over the past year I spoke to him last November when I got out of the hospital and then last January on my birthday. So I daresay me coming to him for money is not something I really want to do. However given the state of my physical health (i.e. back pain), due to an inadequate bed this is necessity.

Looks like my goal of wanting to go to the 2010 games in BC is not going to happen. I am not optimistic that I could drop enough weight to have the stamina and mobility to go. I had wanted to see if my grandfather would perhaps make a deal with me with a weigh goal seeing as the games are just under 15 months away. Who honestly would not do whatever they had to for a trip? See my grandfather on my dad's side of the family has wealth and can easily afford all these things. I mean he just bought a $4,000 television that he probably will not use very much, if at all. This is the man who said $10,000 was nothing to him while walking out the door of his company chuckling.

Anyway this post is mainly stuff that I keep recycling from older posts every once in a while. Right now I am not exactly in "full blown depressed mode", however I feel that just getting it out of my system now will save me from that happening.

I think that if I could get my dad to see about the bed situation and I got the green-light things would be much brighter for me. My dad is currently with my grandfather in Florida for the next 2 weeks. Don't see why he couldn't bring it up.

Anyway I am gonna try and get some sleep. My back is killing me so I hope I can get a bit more comfortable in my crappy bed...although that is a 1 in a 1,000,000 shot.


Nov. 4th, 2008

More WoW related stuff...go figure!

So nothing got resolved with the whole World of Warcraft incident that happened last week. I spent in total 20 hours of my time sitting in front of my computer waiting to talk to a GM (Game Master). Each time I was faced with a 3-4 hour wait, which is absolutely ridiculous. One of those times I got up for 2-3 minutes to answer the door as my mom and grams stopped by for a visit and I get back to my computer to see the GM had contacted me and then left in those 3 minutes I was not glued to my monitor! So I had to sit and wait for another 3 minutes.

In the end Blizzard would not gift me the axe I should be the proud owner of, or at the very least reset my Karazhan raid. I then tried to get a chat log of what was said between Trogz (the ex-guildie and raid leader), and myself. However apparently even that was not something Blizzard could do. The guild leader immediately kicked Trogz from the guild. Geffen (the guild leader), thanked me for bringing this to this attention as he was looking for a reason to kick Trogz from the guild for months.

Then the following day I noticed Geffen made a forum post about it, and of course some people sort of made minor jabs at me as Trogz never got to give his side of the story, etc. I made a couple posts, and then a couple days later a guildie posted a response from Trogz's father. Basically the father said I must have been confused or didn't realize no hunter thing...absolute bullshit. Trogz made blatant lies after all was said and done on that day so clearly his father was not aware of the whole incident.

But anyway I was trying to save my reputation with the guild especially with the expansion coming out in the next several days.

Went into Black Temple last night, which was the first raid I have been on with Ewanuk, my druid, since I moved him back to Bloodhoof on Saturday afternoon. We downed Bloodboil, Reliquary of Souls and Mother Shahraz. So that is 3 more new bosses downed for Ring of Fire. I managed to get a pair of epic gloves, Grips of Damnation, which are number 6 on the list of top DPS gloves for kitty DPS. Unfortunately Mother Shahraz dropped 3 pieces of T6, one of which I could have rolled on, however the new loot rules until Wrath is 1 purple per run, unless no one else needs.

Oh well, now I just need to figure out what I want to do with the roughly 150 badges of justice I have on my druid. I am not sure if I could upgrade some gear before Wrath comes out, or if I should just use them to get gems or what.

Now I am just waiting for the servers to come back up from maintenance...come on already! I hope they are up no later than 2:00pm because I really want to play.

I really hope that Ret Paladins are not horrible now since the major nerfs because I got my pally to 65 yesterday and I liked not going OOM, taking down mobs quickly and having absolutely no downtime. Oh and let's not forget the awesome crits and amazing burst DPS!


Oct. 30th, 2008

Read at you own risk! WoW related...

Well it looks like this post is probably going to be mostly pertaining to venting my frustration with regards to World of Warcraft.

I was on my lower level priest leveling up my tailoring when I noticed in the trade channel that a guild-mate was looking for people to go do the Mirkblood boss that is Karazhan for brief period of time prior to the release of the upcoming expansion.

I quickly logged off of my priest and onto my level 70 hunter and said I would go if he needed some DPS. I got invited and then he asked me through a whisper if I was going to roll on the epic axe that the boss drops. In my exact words I said, "If no one objects to me rolling, then yes I would like to." I then mentioned that it would be an upgrade for me.

So he made no objections, but told me he was just trying to gauge the interest for the axe as his brother, a warrior, really wanted it.

So after we finally got everyone into the instance we took down the first boss, Attumen which then saved us all to the instance. Low and behold the warriors then decide that the axe could only be rolled on by warriors and promptly my guildy made himself master looter.

At the time I did not make an objection as I felt it would be best to bring it up if and when we downed the boss.

Well after a coupe wipes (I feigned death each time to save me a repair bill), we finally downed the boss and when it came time to roll for the axe I /roll and came up as the highest roller with a 94. Well immediately everyone ignored my roll and then I made sure to make my objections known.

I was livid when the guy gave some gold to the next highest roller and then promptly gave the axe to his brother. I then spent about 30 minutes having an exchange of words, or argument if you will, with the guy and then his brother. The guildy changed the context of what I had said to him before we started the instance, and said that I should have made my objection earlier, etc.

In the end he and his brother logged off and I submitted a report to Blizzard after I felt the incident fell under the "scam" section of Blizzard's policies.

From the get go the guildy knew I wanted to roll on the axe, he never said I couldn't, but then after I was saved (locked), to the instance he made the "no hunter" policy.

I won the axe fair and square but he was an asshole and gave it to his brother as was his intention the entire time, he said so himself. I am tempted to also bring this up with our guild leader, but who knows what sort of standing the guy has in the guild. I bet it would do me no good really.

The downside of why I got so pissed off is that the axe is going to be pretty rare as right now the intention of Blizzard is to remove the guy next week, meaning this was most likely my only shot at the axe. Even though the stats on it will become obsolete soon enough when the expansion is released and better gear can be had, it is the novelty aspect that will make people hold onto the axe. It allows you to use it to play a killer guitar rift.

I was just really ticked off over the situation and as I said I just feel that I was scammed, but a guildy no less.

Anyway I had to vent this and get it off my chest so that I can relax and get some sleep shortly. I know I am going to be wound up though, but perhaps this will help some.

At any rate I apologize to anyone who read through this and probably has no idea what the hell I am talking about. I also hope that what I wrote is comprehensible, as I wrote this rather quickly and I am not in the best mindset at the moment.


Oct. 24th, 2008

(no subject)

Well I think it is time for a new email address. While my current one has served me well for over 4 years, the fact that I am getting a at least 2-5 new spam emails going into my main inbox and not my junk folder means it is definitely time to retire said account.

Perhaps I will go with either my gmail account with the same name, or I will use my ymail account where I actually got in fast enough to reserve one of my online aliases. I just want one that I can try and avoid all the spam mail with as much as possible. I am definitely going to use a garbage account solely for signing up for forums or stuff that is not of a more personal nature.


Well back to whatever it was that I was doing before this little venting session...

Boxed In

Isn't it funny how someone can say one tiny word and next thing you know you have a show-tune stuck in your head? For someone reason I cannot stop myself from just blurting out the words to "Consider Yourself" from Oliver!


I even went so far as to put my headphones on and wander over to YouTube to put it on...

Anyway that aside my 'aunt' posted a response to my status on Facebook today, and I am still not sure what to make of it. Something tells me she was being either sarcastic or flat out malicious in a sense. I am still not sure whether she likes me or not seeing as I don't know her very well. I have only seen her on a few occasions. She is also only 7-8 years older than I am, so who knows if that has something to do it.

Of course maybe I am misinterpreting the situation, however given the way my uncle has been as of late I cannot afford to be too cautious when it comes to the pair of them.

My sister's baby shower is a month away and I have no idea what to get her. I will probably just end up sending along some cash in card with my mom. I figure this way she can get whatever she wants for her little bundle of joy. My dad brought up the whole "Sean is too controlling", thing again. (Sean is her boyfriend) I don't know Sean well enough to gauge whether this is plausible or not, hell I haven't even met the guy face to face. I have heard some comments that he makes, and the most recent thing was that they had to turn down an apartment in a brand new building because smoking was not allowed on the balconies, so he would have to go down to the front of the building to smoke. I think that is a bit of a selfish thing, but who am I to say anything (I guess).

My mom is supposed to be dropping by after she gets her hair done to pick up some DVDs I burned for her and Tom with the shows they wanted to see from the past couple of weeks. Other than that my day is going to be rather nonchalant.

I also have to see if I can get a matching or at least similar set of curtains for the windows by my computer as the sun just blares in my face from 8:30-11:00am and it gets to be very annoying. Two weeks ago my mom and grams only found one set, so we put them on the windows by my bed. I think it is also time to get the air conditioner out of the window too as it doesn't appear like we will be having the same kind of late winter we had last year.

I guess with nothing to do today I'll catch up on CSI and House as I have a few episodes I still need to watch.

Anyway, off to grab something for breakfast.


Oct. 19th, 2008

All In the Family

Why do I insist on staying up all night? It is nearing 11:00am and I have yet to go to bed. Yesterday I did not decide to turn-in until around 12:30pm.

So last night while I was on the phone with my dad I came to the realization that the uncle I once looked up to as a role-model and inspiration is the one person I now loathe. Recent things he has said or done have tremendously diminished my feelings of admiration towards him. I think the biggest being the remarks he has said regarding my sister's pregnancy. Everything he has had to say has been negative...this coming from a man who recently became a father.

Yes, I realize he is in his 40's and his wife is in her very early 30's, but is it so wrong that my sister is 21 and pregnant?

Growing up he never had to yearn for much. He lived in a nice home with parents who had jobs and thus money. My sister and I had to go through the welfare system. My mom did what she could to put a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and food in our stomachs. My grandfather did not do much to help even though he had the money to do so.

My uncle things he had to work for everything and when my sister or I looked to him to help financially with school he would stick his nose up at the slightest thing and then cut whatever help he had offered without any second thoughts.

Honestly I think he is taking his problems out on my sister. He seems intent on removing himself from the family and for the time being I am content to let him do so.

Anyway I didn't initially come on here to post a rant about my uncle...funny how things happen like that, lol.

Well I think I will get some sleep, hope for a kick-ass dream (they have been very odd as of late), and then perhaps wake up refreshed (not likely), and perhaps post something more interesting.


Sep. 12th, 2008

As good as it gets...

Got to sleep in today, which was nice but I didn't quite take full advantage of it. Monday and Wednesday my transportation showed up at 11am, while on Friday it showed up at 1:15pm. So Monday and Wednesday I was up at around 9am, and today I could have slept until 11am but instead I was up at 10am.

Got to the clinic, went over some history forms they had me fill out, got my injection and then I went and saw the clinic doctor who was very friendly. She gave the speech about everything I already knew and then I was on my way. My ride was already waiting however the engine overheated so it didn't want to start for about 10 minutes. Luckily I have an iPhone so I managed to keep myself entertained.

My dad called this evening and told me he was thinking about coming out to visit Saturday afternoon. I told him my grams was coming in to help with some packing and what not, but that he was free to come if he wanted. I know he wants to trade some more HD DVDs that we managed to get copies of for each other.

Speak of the devil, he is just called back (just after midnight)...

Thinking of starting to play WoW again, which might be a good thing as it will keep my mind off of snacking. I got an email from Future Shop stating that they shipped my copy of NHL09 for XBOX 360. Can't wait to play that, but still no word on my Galactic Edition of Spore. Also pre-ordered the new Star Wars game and Rock Band 2 which come out next week as well for my XBOX 360.

33 minutes later...

My dad's phone just just died so I am free to go back to this post.

Anyway next week should be a week full of new video games to play. So I will have plenty of things to try out and keep me occupied.

Later today my grams is coming in to help me with some more packing, and hopefully I get a chance to talk to my dad more about this offer he and my step-mom brought up about me moving into their place. Like I have said already it has not been mentioned since, which is driving me nuts! I like to keep track of things and know what is going to happen before it happens when it comes to big decisions like this!

At any rate I sort of lost track of things I wanted to write so I will it at that.


Sep. 9th, 2008


The packing process has begun. I didn'tanage to get quite as much as I had hoped done before my grams was picked up by my mom, however it was a start. I have yet to give my notice, although I may do so within the next couple weeks and tell them I will use my last months rent for December but I'll be out by November for sure. This way I can be all moved out before they start showing the apartment. It also means I get the final say on whether someone can move in prior to January 1st, if they find a tenant.

My dad still has not talked about me moving to their place, which makes me nervous because the last thing I need is to be worrying about not having everything in place when I am ready to move. Also I can't be sure that they might decline the offer. I doubt the latter will happen, but with me I like to have things planned out in advance so that I know exactly what to expect.

Started back to Bernstein's yesterday and it turned out to be fine. I was a bit apprehensive with regards to whether or not there would be any negativity that I had stopped coming a few months ago. There wasn't though and they seemed happy to see that I was back. Although I am now concerned about what the clinic doctor might say on Friday.

I am getting annoyed with Canada Post and mail delivery all together. I have two orders from on online DVD store and after tracking one of the orders online it showed the parcel had been delivered to someone in New Westminster, BC. Well I contacted Canada Post and they told me to contact USPS and when I called them they said I had to contact the shipper. Well I have not been able to get a response by phone or email from the DVD place and this is driving me nuts. I don't want to end up getting screwed. I an just hoping that they gave me the wrong tracking number and that by chance another Canadian had ordered from this US retailer. Thing is it might be hard to replace some of the movies as they are HD DVDs which are becoming scarce.

That aside I have been spending the past few days watching Prison Break. I am so enthralled by it that I am already onto season 3. I initially decided I would probably never watch the show because I thought the premise was stupid but I turned out to be wrong. I thnk the next series I will watch is Heroes as I have season one on HD DVD and I can get season HDTV rips online. I also want to finally watch season one of The Tudors and the Sarah Connor Chronicles now that new seasons are starting up.

Anyway off to do some more packing I guess. Oh and hopefully there were not too many typos or errors in this post as I did it on my iPhone and with the lagging keystrokes I type too fast at times so it doesn't always pick up all my keystrokes. I really hope they fix these problems sooner rather than later!


Aug. 29th, 2008

Blackbird singing in the dead of night...

Wow, didn't realize that 10 days could pass so quickly yet I didn't even notice.

I'm just sitting here listening to Blackbird by the Beatles as there was a clue about it on Jeopardy the other night and I just could not get the bloody song out of my head. Sucks that it is such a short song. Thankfully you can find just about anything you could want on YouTube. I use to think YouTube was just a dinky little site that would fade into oblivion like so many other things online (*cough*Myspace*cough*), but I find I just can't help but stop by at least one every other day to either watch a video from one of my subscriptions or to listen to a song or something like that.

I still need to get my ass in gear to get my YouTube project up and running, but once again procrastination wins the day! I still have not even come close to fixing my good computer like I said I would nearly a month ago. That is one thing I wish I could change about myself, procrastination.

My dad has been yakking my ear off lately on the phone. Half the time I am just totally tuned out and just say "Right...yeah...mmhmmm...I'm not sure...oh yeah?...", not to be rude or anything but I just get bored listening to him go on about movies that I have never even heard of. Seems like he is thinking of going back into the online movie selling business which he has done in the past, quite well I might add...until my step-mom decided gambling away all their money was a better idea so they could keep the business afloat. I was tempted to say I would go 50/50 with him if he wanted a partner. I am better with the online aspect of things whereas he has the knowledge of the rare movies that would sell well. He also is able to go out and ship the stuff which is something I can't do myself. We'll see what happens though.

Still waiting to hear back from the specialized services public transit on what they can offer me with regards to my request for a recurring schedule. I told them I would be going to the same location Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the foreseeable future so I am hoping they can work something good out for me. Need to get everything health-wise back on track sooner rather than later.

Sounds like it is raining a bit outside as I can hear the bloody drops clinking and clanking on my air conditioner which drives me nuts when I am trying to get to sleep. I have no problem getting to sleep listening to talk radio but drops of water on metal annoys the crap out of me. I actually used to enjoy listening to Dr. Laura Schlesinger on AM640 when I was in grades 5-8. When they reformatted and went more towards stuff geared to guys I started listening to 680 News when I went to bed. I should probably invest in some comfortable ear plugs and one of those mask things that go over your eyes to keep the light out seeing as my curtains are basically translucent and don't keep very much light out.

I should probably think about checking my mailbox tomorrow as I haven't checked it all week. I am sure I must have some parcels by now. I have a ton of orders out for cheap HD DVDs to add to my collection. Several titles I am actually really hoping come soon as I want to watch them. Waiting is always the hardest part.

So I found out last night that I will have a niece born around January 25th close to my birthday which is on the 30th. My dad told my sister that he gets to be the first family member besides my sister and I guess Sean, the father, to hold the little bundle of joy. Not sure if my mom has heard this news yet or not. I also told my mom she was odd for wanting to be called "Nana" as opposed to "Grandma". She said that grandma made her sound old. I just rolled my eyes when she gave me that excuse.

Other than that nothing exciting as usual. I think it is time to crawl into bed and get some sleep as I feel very tired all of a sudden.


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