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R.I.P. Ted Rogers - 1933-2008

I just heard that media mogul Ted Rogers passed away. I think a lot of people knew this was probably going to happen sooner rather than later due to his hospitalization for a recurring heart problem.

Love him or hate him most Canadians know who he was because of Rogers Cable. I think most people hate the cost of Rogers services more than they hate the man, lol.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the company in the near future as they look to find a full-time replacement as CEO, as well as how the stock will fare with the news of his passing in the turbulent economic time we are in.

Ted Rogers...dead at 75.



I agree with you that some customers were distasteful with the comment you posted. My comment had nothing to do with him, but I do think Rogers over charges for services. I mean they could eliminate the extra costs (i.e. rental fees, that $6.95 cell phone charge...can't thing of the initials for it at the moment, lol).

I see now that they have re-branded Fido to compete with the new Koodo it might be substantially cheaper than Rogers. I think a lot of people are passionate one way or the other about this because they compare what Americans pay for similar services.

I think if people should be upset with anyone personally they should be upset with the CTRC or the government for not allowing competition into the market sooner. I think when we start seeing more competition, particularly in the wireless area we will see prices going down.

I have been meaning to call in and speak with Retentions to try and get some discounts on my services. I currently spend around $350 a month for Rogers services.

I don't find your wanting to read his book more now that he has passed on, after all most art is not "worthwhile" until after the artist has died.

I didn't think the stock would drop too drastically, but $2 a share is still a big chunk of change overall. I just looked and saw that it was a 3.01% decline...that makes it seem like more, but it was just a drop of $1.04.

Either way I am sure the stock will rebound, especially when the economy gets out of this recession.

In other news...what are you thoughts on the possibly coalition government headed by the Liberals? I am hopeful that this gets the green light by Gov. Gen. Miachelle Jean, because Harper and Conservatives have made nothing but blunders over the past several weeks. I am interested to see which cabinet seats the NDP will get if this does happen, and which 6 members will get them. Of course I would imagine Layton and his wife, Olivia Chow would both hold a seat. This seemed to almost foreshadow the passing of Ted Rogers today when I was watching the news today.
Well being a Liberal supporter myself I am all for this, however I am not a fan of Dion. Although he swears that come May 2009 when the Liberals choose a new party leader he would step down as Prime Minister.

With regards to the Bloc the only power they hold is in voting on motions in parliament. They won't hold any cabinet seats, the coalition merely needs them to have a majority in parliament.

So I don't see an undermining of Democracy as Canadian's didn't vote for which party should run the country, they just voted for a member of parliament. People have to understand they did not vote for Harper to be Prime Minister they voted for their MP.

If Harper does lose his job as Prime Minister then he can only blame his party. They offered no stimulus plan in the budget in an economy that is in a recession.

Oshawa is probably going to turn into a ghost town because of the auto sector crisis. As Mayor John Gray said..."If Oshawa gets a cold, the rest of the province gets pneumonia."

Either way I am interested to see what Gov. Gen. Jean decides.

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